Curse of the Sea Rats – An epic hand-drawn ratoidvania

What would you do to be free?

Curse of the Sea Rats is an epic hand-drawn ratoidvania starring a group of heroes transformed into rats by a pirate witch.

Help Douglas, Buffalo, Akane, and Bussa to rescue the Admiral’s son, capture the evil pirate Flora Burn and break the magic spell.

Curse of the Sea Rats packs all of the best features from the Metroidvania genre featuring beautiful 2D hand-drawn animation and 3D environments, combined with unique real-time combat mechanics, and of course, lots of rats!.

Explore the island

Battle diabolic creatures, and fight brutal bosses commanded by the evil pirate Flora Burn.

Forge your own path to freedom in a non-linear quest through the vast and mysterious coast of Ireland in 1777.

Beautiful Art & Animation

  • Classic hand-drawn animation like the golden era of Disney and Don Bluth.
  • A perfect mix of 2D models crafted on a 3D game environment for a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer experience.
  • Ambiance lights and shadows will affect both 2D and 3D elements and will trick your eye into believing in magic.

Action-platformer Metroidvania

  • Explore a huge map with hundreds of rooms, in a non-linear quest, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies.
  • 4 playable characters, jam-packed with weapons and special abilities to upgrade.
  • Discover all the secret rooms, special items, and multiple endings.

Endless Adventure

  •  Single-player mode: more than 12 hours of gameplay for the main quest.
  •  Local Co-Op Multiplayer mode: up to 4 players.


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